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Link Expired? Want To Change Your Password?

Many people get a "Link Expired" message when they click the registration link in their email. Often this happens because you already have a username and password for the conference. Please go to the login page of the conference for which you paid:

Milton Erickson Conference:

Anxiety Solutions:

Solutions For Trauma:

Innovating Relationships:

Login Form

1) If you have a standard username and password that you normally use, please enter it
2) Click "Log In."

If the above does not work, click "Lost your password?"

Enter your email address.

1) Enter the email address to which you recieved your payment confirmation.
2) Click "Get New Password."

Check your email.

Check your email for the confirmation message .

Click the link to set your password

Enter your new password

Enter the new password that you Want and click "Reset Password."

Still having problems? Send us an email and we will get it sorted out: