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Downloading With Internet Explorer

After you have logged into the conference that you paid for go to the page where the presentations are. We usually call that page "Conference Area" or "Presentations Area." It should look similar to what you see below.

Sample Conference Presentations Page:

Find a Presentation That You Want To Hear And Click It's Link

1) The link to Michael Yapko's presentation. Links are always in a different color than the surrounding text and they are underlined.
2) Usually, the file starts playing automatically. If you wish, you can plug in headphones or turn on your speakers and listen online.
3) To Save To Your Computer Use FILE > SAVE AS. Manually select the download location. Pick a specific place to put the file such as in your "Music" or "Documents" folder. You can also create a new folder and put all your files in that folder. For example, you could create a folder called, "Erickson Conference" or "Anxiety Solutions" and the put the files in that folder.
4) Click "Save" once you have selected the location.